Case Studies

Clarus Commerce on AWS

In September 2017, Clarus reached out to smartShift through the Amazon Preferred Partners program, for migrating its IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Clarus was looking to support its growing business needs, expand IT capabilities, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Subsequently, in November 2017, Clarus entered into an agreement with SmartShift to migrate Clarus’ servers onto AWS, and after that manage its cloud infrastructure. The entire migration was completed in a record period of 20 weeks and consisted of 51 servers comprising of Development, QA, Staging and Production Environments.

  • Clarus’ existing IT infrastructure was unable to support the time-efficient scalability and rapid changes in the business needs. Hence, Clarus decided to move its IT infrastructure to AWS, which is scalable, secure, proven, and cost-effective.
  • Clarus’ app is coded using .Net technology, which requires MS Windows environment to function optimally
  • The existing on-premise setup did not provide enough elasticity and scalability for their applications and migration to AWS solves this issue, giving more flexibility to Clarus

smartShift executed the migration of Clarus’ IT Infrastructure in a record span of 20 weeks.

For an e-commerce system, it is essential to meet both internal and external PCI-DSS compliance, while being highly scalable and available and we achieved this in a quick timeframe” – smartShift’s Cloud Architect.

smartShift’s architect proposed a unique setup in the Architecture Design Document to maintain high availability and scalability for Clarus Development, QA, Production, and Management Environments.

Clarus’ business depends on round-the-clock availability for all its systems. To ensure high availability, we designed the system to mirror Clarus’ Microsoft SQL database. We also ensured

100% PCI-DSS compliance in every aspect of the system design to ensure the highest level of compliance. Our cloud migration team also followed the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), to ensure restricted permissions and privilege on the resources. Additionally, smartShift also deployed the following solutions:

  • 3 Isolated Networking Segments (VPC)
  • OpenVPN – To access any VPC within Clarus’ cloud architecture
  • Alert Logic Threat Manager – To improve security posture, respond to threats, automate vulnerability management, and meet compliance mandates
  • Microsoft Baseline Analyzer – To scan and analyze security patches applied to the instances
  • Alert Logic Log Manager – To meet compliance requirements and identify security issues across the entire environment, using log analysis and log correlation
  • Splunk – To perform Log Analysis and to provide Application Performance Analytics
  • Systems Manager – To automate the application of security patches
  • smartBackup®  – To provide an automated backup solution for all instances
  • Trend Micro – To provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solution

smartShift deployed 51 AWS instances as part of the first phase of the migration to facilitate the migration of Clarus’ web app from its dedicated hardware-based setup to cloud; it included provisioning for Clarus’ Development, QA, Staging, Production and Management environments.

Migrating its cloud infrastructure to AWS presented the following key benefits to Clarus:

  • Scaling of computing environments, without significant capital or labor investments
  • Enabling focus of technology resources on strategic applications and content, versus platforms and infrastructure
  • Reducing the cost of cloud infrastructure

smartShift met the business need for Clarus by migrating its applications to AWS within 20 weeks. The business team immediately noticed a change in performance, availability, along with enhanced PCI-DSS compliance and flexibility and ease of scaling the infrastructure.

While it is still too early to have exact numbers, but it appears, Clarus will realize a substantial cost reduction for its infrastructure. After successfully migrating Clarus’ core app to the cloud in record time, smartShift is now providing continuous managed services for Clarus’ cloud infrastructure, while working on migrating its ad-hoc apps to cloud. This move will further enable Clarus to shift its focus from ownership and management of IT infrastructure hardware and software to leveraging AWS’ cloud capabilities and deliver an enhanced experience to its users.

One of the core values at smartShift is timely and open communication with all its clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and faster project implementation. smartShift ensured this for Clarus by setting up a dedicated 24×7 support helpline, skype chat support, and round-the-clock email support. In addition to being available 24×7, smartShift also provided Clarus with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for all metrics and project status updates.

Clarus Commerce is a leading white label, customer royalty program solutions provider, with a three-decade experience in designing end-to-end royalty programs, and a customer base including Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, Condé Nast, GameStop and the likes.

Founded in 2002, smartShift Technologies headquartered in Boston has a workforce of 150 employees across offices based in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. It is the industry leader in cloud migration and cloud transformation business, with a patented technology to automate transformation/migration to SoH, S/4 HANA, and the Cloud. smartShift has delivered enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 clients like BMW, Daimler, Cengage, Airbus, BP, GE, Shell to name a few. Five of the largest ten global SAP customers use smartShift’s technology.

With over 750 successfully implemented projects, smartShift is a proud partner of Amazon Web Services, SAP, Microsoft and others. smartShift also partners with companies like IBM, DXC, and CapGemini, to offer platform and systems integration. In the past 12 months, smartShift has completed 30+ HANA projects and 5 S/4HANA projects.

  • An industry leader in cloud migration and cloud transformation business
  • Over 100 successfully implemented cloud migration projects
  • Certified in-house engineers with extensive experience in Cloud Migration, Cloud Architecture Designing, and Cloud Automation
  • Dedicated 24×7 managed services
  • Fortune 500 customers in diverse domains, such as Automobile, Education, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Retail

“smartShift’s knowledge in the domain is unparalleled; the team was always available to resolve all the issues that we encountered throughout the project, the ability to respond with such a quick T-A-T is highly commendable.”

– Lalit Chhablani, Clarus Commerce